How To Remove Duplicate Songs From Spotify: Full Guide

Do you ever feel like your Spotify playlists are a bit... messy? Like there's a hidden clutter party happening behind the scenes? If so, you're not alone. Managing Spotify duplicate songs can be quite a task. For avid music streamers, duplicates are a common nuisance. Whether you've been diligently curating playlists for years or simply hitting "like" on every catchy tune, chances are you've amassed a few too many copies of the same song. 

These pesky repeats not only eat up precious storage space but also disrupt the flow of your carefully crafted playlists. But fear not, fellow music enthusiast! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to banish duplicate songs from your Spotify kingdom, leaving you with a streamlined and enjoyable listening experience.

Understanding duplicate songs on Spotify

Before we delve into the art of duplicate song removal, let's explore why these musical doppelgängers appear in the first place. Several factors contribute to the rise of duplicates in your Spotify library:

  • Different Versions: One song, many faces. Artists often release a multitude of versions for a single track, including acoustic renditions, remixes, live performances, radio edits, and more. Each version is technically a separate entity, leading to potential duplicates if you've saved multiple variations. 
  • Re-uploads: The music industry is dynamic, and sometimes songs get taken down and re-uploaded, either by the artist or the record label. This can happen due to licensing issues, changes in distribution deals, or even simple corrections. Each re-upload is treated as a new song, even if it's virtually identical to the original.
  • Accidental Adds: Let's face it, we've all been there. You're jamming out, hurriedly adding songs to a playlist, and oops – you accidentally click "add" twice. It's a common mistake, especially when dealing with lengthy playlists or using Spotify on a smaller screen.
  • Merged Accounts: If you've ever merged multiple Spotify accounts, congratulations on consolidating your musical empire! However, this process can sometimes lead to duplicate songs if the same tracks are saved across different accounts.
  • Collaborative Playlists: Sharing is caring, but collaborative playlists can be a breeding ground for duplicates. When multiple users add songs to a shared playlist, the chances of accidentally adding the same track increase exponentially.

Manual methods to remove duplicate songs


For smaller playlists or your "Liked Songs" section, a hands-on approach can be quite effective:

  • Sort by Title (or Artist): Head to your playlist and click the column header for "Title" or "Artist" to sort the tracks alphabetically. This will neatly line up any duplicates, making them easy to spot. Simply right-click on the unwanted copies and select "Remove from this Playlist."
  • The Visual Scan: If your playlist isn't too massive, a good old-fashioned visual scan can do the trick. Scrutinize the tracklist for any repeated song titles. Once you find a duplicate, right-click and remove it from the playlist.
  • Search Bar Shortcut: Type the song title into the playlist's search bar. If multiple results appear, you've found duplicates. Remove them one by one.
  • "Liked Songs" Method: Sorting by Artist or Album can make duplicates easier to spot in your "Liked Songs." You can also utilize the search bar to pinpoint specific songs and remove duplicates.
  • The "Show Duplicate Items" Trick: This method is a bit more involved, but it can be highly effective. Here's how it works:
    1. Create a New Playlist: Create a new playlist and name it something like "Duplicate Finder."

    2. Add All Songs: Add all the songs from your cluttered playlist or "Liked Songs" to the "Duplicate Finder" playlist.

    3. Sort by Title: Sort the "Duplicate Finder" playlist by title.

    4. Identify Duplicates: Look for consecutive songs with the same title and artist. These are your duplicates.

    5. Remove from Original Playlist: Right-click on a duplicate in the "Duplicate Finder" playlist and select "Go to Song Radio." This will take you to a page featuring the song. From there, locate the original playlist where the duplicate exists and remove it.

    6. Repeat: Repeat the process for all identified duplicates.

    7. Delete "Duplicate Finder": Once you've removed all the duplicates from your original playlist, you can delete the "Duplicate Finder" playlist.

Important Note: The "Show Duplicate Items" trick is best suited for playlists where you want to keep one copy of each song. It requires a bit of manual effort, but it gives you more control over which version of the song you retain.

Using third-party tools to remove duplicate songs


While manual methods work well for smaller playlists, they can become tedious and time-consuming when dealing with larger libraries. Thankfully, several third-party tools are designed to automate the removal of Spotify duplicate songs, saving you valuable time and effort:

  • Spotify DeDup: This popular tool is a favorite among Spotify users for its simplicity and effectiveness. After logging in with your Spotify account, Spotify DeDup scans your playlists, identifying duplicates based on various criteria, such as song title, artist, album, or even track duration. You then have the option to review the duplicates and choose which versions to keep or remove. Spotify DeDup also allows you to set preferences for automatic duplicate removal, so you can customize the process to suit your needs.
  • SpotifyFinder: SpotifyFinder offers similar functionality to Spotify DeDup but with a few additional features. In addition to identifying duplicates across playlists, it can also find duplicates within the same playlist and even merge "Liked Songs" from different accounts. SpotifyFinder provides a user-friendly interface with options to filter duplicates by various criteria and preview the songs before removing them.
  • Tunes Cleaner: While primarily designed for iTunes, Tunes Cleaner also works with Spotify. It boasts a comprehensive set of features for managing your entire music library, including duplicate removal, missing metadata fixing, album artwork management, and playlist organization. Tunes Cleaner's advanced algorithms can identify duplicates even if they have slight variations in file names or metadata, making it a powerful tool for cleaning up your Spotify library.
  • Playlist Buddy: This tool goes beyond just duplicate removal. It offers a range of features to enhance your Spotify playlist management, including playlist merging, playlist comparison, track sequencing, and collaborative playlist creation. While Playlist Buddy's duplicate removal feature might not be as robust as dedicated tools like Spotify DeDup or SpotifyFinder, it's a valuable option for users who want a multi-functional playlist management tool.
  • Soundiiz: While primarily known for transferring playlists between music streaming services, Soundiiz also offers a handy duplicate track finder. This feature can scan your Spotify playlists for duplicates and provide you with a list of the repeated songs. You can then manually remove the duplicates from your playlists.

Important considerations on removing Spotify duplicate songs

  • Data Access: As mentioned earlier, third-party tools require access to your Spotify data. Before using any tool, carefully review its privacy policy and ensure that it has a good reputation among users.
  • Free vs. Paid: Some tools offer basic duplicate removal features for free, while others might require a subscription or one-time payment for more advanced functionalities. Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendliness varies across different tools. Some have intuitive interfaces and guided processes, while others might require a bit more technical know-how. Choose a tool that aligns with your comfort level with technology.

By leveraging the power of automation, third-party tools can significantly simplify the process of removing duplicate songs from your Spotify library, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters – enjoying your music!

Important Note: Remember that third-party tools require you to grant access to your Spotify data. Always choose reputable options with positive user reviews and be sure to read their privacy policies carefully.

Preventing duplicate songs in the future

Prevention is key to maintaining a pristine Spotify library. Here are some proactive measures you can take:

  • The Pre-Add Check: Before enthusiastically clicking "add" to a playlist, take a moment to scan the tracklist. A quick glance can save you from accidentally adding a duplicate.
  • Mindful Curation: When adding songs to a playlist, be conscious of the different versions available. Do you really need five different remixes of the same song? Choose the versions that resonate with you the most.
  • The "Add to Queue" Trick: This handy feature allows you to add songs to your current listening session without saving them to a playlist. It's a great way to sample new music or revisit old favorites without cluttering your library.
  • Organize Your Playlists: Create themed playlists (e.g., "Workout Jams," "Chill Vibes," "Road Trip Anthems") and avoid adding the same song to multiple lists. This will help you maintain a clear overview of your music collection.

Additional tips and tricks for managing your Spotify library

  • Sorting and Filtering: Spotify offers powerful sorting and filtering features to help you quickly find and manage your music. Experiment with different sorting options (by artist, album, release date) and filters (genre, mood) to discover hidden gems in your library.
  • Folders: As your collection grows, folders become essential for maintaining order. Group similar playlists into folders to make navigation a breeze.
  • Collaborative Playlist Etiquette: If you're participating in a collaborative playlist, communicate with your fellow curators to avoid adding duplicates. Consider designating a "duplicate checker" to keep the playlist tidy.
  • Regular Clean-ups: Dedicate some time every few months to declutter your Spotify library. Remove songs you no longer enjoy, delete empty playlists, and reorganize folders as needed.

Duplicate songs might seem like a minor annoyance, but they can quickly turn your carefully curated playlists into a chaotic mess. By understanding the causes, using both manual and automated methods to remove Spotify duplicate songs, and implementing preventive measures, you can reclaim your Spotify kingdom and enjoy a streamlined, personalized listening experience.

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