How to send a buyer request on Fiverr is a skill that often differentiates successful freelancers from the rest.

This powerful feature allows you to proactively approach potential clients and propose customized services based on their posted requirements, enhancing your chances of securing gigs. 

This comprehensive guide is designed to simplify this process, providing clear, granular instructions and actionable tips. Let's delve into the intricacies of Fiverr's buyer requests and custom offers to ensure you're fully utilizing this potent tool.

Fiverr: a brief overview

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is an online platform that brings freelancers and clients together. With services spanning across various categories such as writing, graphic design, digital marketing, and programming. 

How to Send Buyer Request and Custom Offer

It provides a fertile ground for freelancers to offer their skills and for clients, referred to as 'buyers' on the platform, to find professional help for their projects.

Buyer requests and custom offers play a critical role in the functionality of this platform.

As a freelancer, or 'seller,' understanding the dynamics of these features will enable you to effectively present your services and skills to potential clients, thereby increasing your visibility and success rate on the platform.

Key steps to sending a buyer request and custom offer on Fiverr

Before we delve into the details, let's gain an overview of the process of sending a buyer request and custom offer on Fiverr:

  • Accessing Buyer Requests: This involves logging into your Fiverr account, navigating to the "Buyer Requests" section, and familiarizing yourself with the buyer request interface.
  • Sending a Custom Offer: You need to open an inbox message from a potential buyer, create a custom offer within the message thread, select a gig and order type, customize the package, and send it to the buyer.
  • Crafting a Persuasive Request: Understanding the buyer's requirements, customizing your pitch, incorporating relevant keywords, and showcasing your past work are crucial in crafting a compelling buyer request.

Understanding these basic steps is the foundation for effectively sending buyer requests and custom offers on Fiverr. Now, let's delve deeper into each stage.

Detailed guide on how to send buyer request on Fiverr

Accessing buyer requests on Fiverr

One of the most common questions from new sellers on Fiverr is, "What is a buyer request on Fiverr?"

Simply put, a buyer request is a service requirement posted by a buyer on Fiverr. This feature allows buyers to state their project needs and attract suitable sellers.

To access these buyer requests, first, log into your Fiverr account. Once logged in, click on the "Selling" tab present at the top of your dashboard. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the "Buyer Requests" option.

Accessing buyer requests on Fiverr

The buyer requests page will display a list of requests from various buyers who are looking for specific services.

Each request will contain a brief description of the service needed, the budget range for the project, and the time frame within which the project needs to be completed.

This information is crucial for you as a seller. It allows you to gauge the scope of the project, the time commitment required, and the compensation you can expect.

Sending a custom offer on Fiverr

After browsing through the buyer requests, if you come across a project that aligns with your skills and interests, your next step is to send a custom offer. To do this, click on the "Send Offer" button next to the request.

Sending a custom offer on Fiverr

A new window will pop up, asking you to create your proposal. This involves selecting a gig that fits the requirements of the buyer's project. You also need to specify the type of service you will provide, the delivery time, and the price.

Remember, this is your chance to sell your skills. Customize your offer according to the buyer's requirements, making sure to highlight why you are the best fit for the job. Once you have filled out all the necessary details, click "Submit Offer."

Detailed guide on how to send buyer request on Fiverr

Here comes the tricky part, how to deliver order on Fiverr? Once your custom offer is accepted, you'll receive a notification. Click on the order to get complete details.

Deliver your work by clicking 'Deliver Your Order.' Make sure you meet the deadline provided by the buyer.

Tips for writing a personalized buyer request

A personalized buyer request is your sales pitch to the buyer, demonstrating your understanding of their project and convincing them of your suitability for the job.

When asking yourself "How to bid on Fiverr," remember that each bid is a unique opportunity to stand out.

To craft an effective buyer request, you need to understand the buyer's requirements thoroughly. Carefully read the project description and align your pitch with the specific needs expressed by the buyer.

  • Customization is key. Avoid sending generic responses. Instead, demonstrate that you have spent time understanding the project and tailoring your offer.
  • Incorporating relevant keywords from the project description can make your offer more attractive. However, do this organically, ensuring your pitch still reads naturally.
  • Highlight your skills and past work, preferably with examples. This gives the buyer a sense of your style and quality of work. If you've previously completed similar projects, don't hesitate to mention them.
  • Lastly, remember that each pitch is a reflection of your professionalism. Use clear, concise language, maintain a respectful tone, and proofread your request before sending it.

Examples of good custom offers

Developing a strong custom offer can be the difference between winning a project and being overlooked. Let's go through a few examples of what a good custom offer on Fiverr might look like.

Example 1: graphic design project

If a buyer requests a graphic designer for a brand logo, an effective custom offer could be:

Dear [Buyer's name],

I understand you're seeking a unique logo for your brand. With my 5 years of experience in graphic design, I have helped over 100 brands build their visual identity, and I would love to bring your vision to life.

I propose to deliver three logo concepts based on your specifications within three days for $100. This includes unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with the final design.

I look forward to possibly working with you and helping your brand stand out.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Example 2: content writing project

If a buyer requests a content writer for a blog post, a compelling custom offer could be:

Dear [Buyer's name],

I came across your request for an engaging blog post on digital marketing trends. As a content writer specializing in digital marketing, I am excited about this opportunity.

I propose to write a 1,000-word blog post, incorporating the latest digital marketing trends and their implications. My offer includes keyword research, SEO optimization, and one round of revisions. My turnaround time is four days, and my fee is $80.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to potentially collaborating with you.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Example 3: web development project

For a buyer who needs a website developer to build an e-commerce site, a suitable custom offer could be:

Dear [Buyer's name],

I understand you need a developer to create a seamless and attractive e-commerce website. With my extensive experience in web development, I believe I'm well-equipped to deliver your project to a high standard.

My proposal is to develop a user-friendly e-commerce website with essential features like a shopping cart, secure payment gateway, and product pages within two weeks for $500. This includes troubleshooting and one month of post-launch support.

Looking forward to potentially working with you.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Example 4: social media marketing project

If a buyer is seeking a social media marketer to manage and grow their brand's Instagram presence, an impactful custom offer might look like this:

Dear [Buyer's name],

I understand that you're looking for a seasoned social media marketer to enhance your brand's Instagram presence.

With over three years of experience in social media marketing, I've helped numerous businesses to increase their reach and engagement on Instagram.

My proposal involves developing a tailored Instagram marketing strategy for your brand, creating and scheduling engaging content, monitoring your account's performance, and interacting with your followers.

This comprehensive approach will not only boost your brand's visibility but also foster a strong community around your brand.

For a one-month management plan, my fee is $250. I am confident that within this period, you'll notice a substantial increase in your Instagram engagement and follower count.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I'm excited about the potential of working together to elevate your brand's Instagram presence.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Frequently asked questions

Addressing common queries can enhance your understanding of the process.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Can a buyer send a custom offer on Fiverr?

No, only sellers can send custom offers in response to a buyer's request or message.

How do I write a personalized buyer request on Fiverr?

Understanding the project requirements, customizing your pitch, incorporating relevant keywords, and showcasing your skills are key to crafting a persuasive buyer request.

What is a custom order request on Fiverr?

A custom order request is a proposal made by a seller to a buyer. It includes details about the service to be provided, delivery time, and cost.

Final thoughts

Learning how to send a buyer request and custom offer on Fiverr is instrumental in leveraging the platform to your advantage. Remember, each request is an opportunity. Make every pitch count.

Engage with the platform, understand buyer requirements, tailor your responses, and above all, be patient and persistent. With continuous learning and improvement, success will surely follow. Happy bidding!

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